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Denmark Road High School

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Cognition and Learning (C+L) Needs

Young people may show a slower rate of progress in some areas of their learning than their peers.  Some young people may have more difficulties than their peers with:

  • Understanding
  • 思考
  • Problem-solving
  • Retaining Information, Concepts and Skills
  • Communicating

There may be general learning difficulties in acquiring and retaining a broad range of skills and concepts or 学生s/young people may have more specific learning difficulties (e.g. difficulties with maths or with literacy).

Stages of Support



Teachers put in place provision as recommended by the 发送Co, the impact is monitored through 学生 and parental conversation and data entry.


If further support is needed, in consultation with parents/carers the 发送CO will complete a referral form to the Advisory Teaching Service


The Advisory Teacher visits the school, observes the 学生 and consults with 学生, staff and parents where appropriate.  Recommendations are received and implemented


In conjunction with the Advisory Teacher, 学生, parents and 发送Co the graduated approach is followed.